About The Facilitators & Course & Affiliates

Hi there! We're Audrey and Matt.

We have two little girls and too many animals. I (Audrey) originally wanted to work from home because it was REALLY important to me that I could be home and watch my girls grow up (or at least for the first few years). We were lucky enough to be in a position where this was possible, so I quit my full time job and we tried it. I ended up making more than I did working full time outside the home after 9 months, and was able to bring Matt home to work with me after a year.

We have been using graphic design elements throughout our entire lives - but we've found that it's been one of the core elements of our at home business success. Design is an easy to way to find and connect with your reader when used appropriately.

We currently own two (or three/four) blogs where we design all of our own graphics.

Matt used to work as a teaching specialist for a Fortune 500 company, but now he does a lot of design (especially Pinterest images) for freelance clients. We've helped multiple clients see growth with our design techniques.

We bring together years of practice and tons of theory in the hope that our course will resonate with you. We love sharing our knowledge and we're super excited to bring you on a journey to AMAZING pins.

About This Course

First and foremost

PLEASE do not let yourself get overwhelmed with the learning content. It's a LOT to grasp, so give yourself time to work through the different lessons and modules. We highly recommend watching the videos before proceeding to the text lessons.

This course has a strong focus on design elements. While we're talking about this in relation to pins, keep in mind that these elements can be applied to ANYTHING with design - so definitely don't skip over that stuff.

We will be progressively adding to this course over the next two months, so please keep an eye out for that. You can see what's coming in the COURSE UPDATES. If something is missing that you think is critical to your learning, please feel free to contact us!

The most important thing that'll help YOU succeed

We get too close to our work. If you want to be successful at design, you need to put yourself out there and ask for feedback. We often don't see glaring errors that others will, so feedback is the best way you'll see fast growth.

We HIGHLY encourage you to join and post in our Facebook group. This is a GREAT way to give and receive feedback from your peers. Feedback is SO important - and we really want to provide you with a social space to help you reach your goals.

Note: This group is intended for peer-to-peer feedback starting mid-January 2020 and going forward. Please be sure to hop in once in a while and help each other out! We'll drop in as often as we can!

Want to become an affiliate?

Great! Send us an email at [email protected] or [email protected] and we'd be happy to get you more information. Our payout is currently set at 40% with a 90 day cookie.

We look forward to seeing what you create!

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